Reddick, Illinois

What to Expect When You Worship With Us

family_1Visiting a church for the first time can be an intimidating experience.

We understand that, so we thought we’d tell you a bit about what a worship service at Zoar Community Church is like. Here are some frequent questions that we are asked:

What Time Do You Start?

First of all, our service starts on time, and the pre-service music starts a few minutes before the service. Sunday school for adults and children is earlier–at 9:30

Come early and enjoy the music. And, we find that the pre-service music really helps us to prepare to worship God more meaningfully.

How Formal is the Service?

Well, we usually follow the service outline that you will find in the worship guide that the greeter will give you when you enter the church. Sometimes we add or change something.

If you know the hymns or songs, you are welcome to join in as we sing. If you don’t know them, that’s OK, too. At prayer time, you are welcome to offer a request to be included in the pastor’s prayer.

How Should I Dress?

Really, you can feel free to come as you are. Our church is airconditioned, but you won’t find many coats and ties here. Some people come dressed up a bit, others come very casually. However you come, you will feel welcome and you will see others dressed very much as you are.

What Kind of Music Do You Sing?

What kind of music will you find here? We sing mostly traditional church music and hymns, but we also like the more contemporary choruses and other music. Because we have such a diverse congregation with people from all walks of life and different religious backgrounds, we do try to have a good variety.

You’ll find something you like. And, we always supply the words, so if you don’t know a particular song, you can quickly sing along with us.

Will I have to stand up and introduce myself?

No! When an usher or one of the pastors has the opportunity to meet you before the service, he or she might introduce you by name during the service. And following the service, several members of the congregation will introduce themselves to you. If you don’t mind, we would love for you to sign our guest register as you leave.

Will I be asked for money?

We do take an offering during the service, and you are more than welcome to contribute if you’d like, but that is more for our regular attenders rather than our guests. This is our members’ opportunity to present gifts to God as an act of worship and thanksgiving.

What do you do with the money?

Well, the first ten percent of the offerings goes to build churches in many parts of the world. We also share in the support of three missionary families. You may hear them mentioned in the pator’s prayer. But you are in no way expected to give anything.

What are the sermons like?

Our pastors, Dr. Bill and Rev. Joan Dean, are regular people! And they work hard to make their sermons relevant to daily life. They don’t preach too long (although some may disagree with that!), and they are both pretty good about putting some jokes in there from time to time, especially when they feels that we may be “drifting” a bit. Both believe that the point of preaching is to make God’s Word relevant to our lives, so sermons usually grow from a specific passage from the Bible. There will be a Bible in the hymnal rack in front of you, and the pastors will announce the page number when they read.

Is there child care for my children during the worship service?

Here at Zoar Community Church, we have always tried to keep our families together in worship–one of the few times in our lives where that happens outside our homes. The usher can prove an “entertainment” pack for your child if you agree. The little conversations of children in church must make God very happy. When several children are present, Pastor Bill will invite them to the front for a Children’s Sermon. Your child is welcome to participate if he or she wants to.

And for us, a baby’s cry is not a disturbance – it’s music to God’s ears.

Our Purpose
Zoar Church is a congregation of Christian believers committed to demonstrating God's love to each other and to all whom God's brings across our paths. In our worship of and service to God, we are intentional and flexibile, remembering God's command to "Love the stranger as we love ourselves."
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