Reddick, Illinois

Our Message

bible_1Actually, this is God’s message for you!

Through Jesus Christ, God lives in us and demonstrates his love through us. This relationship begins when we confess our sinfulness and rebelliousness and experience a new spiritual birth.

The power of the Holy Spirit within us makes it possible for us to live Christ-like lives publicly and privately. This infilling of the Spirit is both an event and a process in the lives of believers.

All believers are called by God to serve Him in this world. Our families, jobs, recreation and civic responsibilities all become avenues to demonstrate the love of God at work. We are also called to witness verbally when the Holy Spirit gives us opportunity.

The scriptures are God’s message to us, truthful and relevant throughout. We must study and obey them in order to do His will. We recognize that we stand at odds with the wisdom and behaviours of this world because of our commitment to the Word.

Jesus will return to earth bodily, and set everything right. All of us must choose now between eternity with God or a self-imposed separation from Him.

There really is good news from God!

Our Purpose
Zoar Church is a congregation of Christian believers committed to demonstrating God's love to each other and to all whom God's brings across our paths. In our worship of and service to God, we are intentional and flexibile, remembering God's command to "Love the stranger as we love ourselves."
Each Sunday
9:00 am Sunday School
10:00 am Morning Worship