Reddick, Illinois


One of the personal projects that Pastors Bill and Joan have been pursuing for the past five years concerns the island of Jamaica.

Most Jamaican pastors are bi-vocational (they must work a weekday job), and haven’t had much opportunity for advanced education. So our pastors, with a group of 8 or 10 others, under the direction of the Caribbean Nazarene College in Trinidad, have traveled each summer to teach accelerated courses leading towards a certificate that will allow them to be ordained. Each has taught two courses there, and one summer they took their entire family–children and grandchildren!) to help organize and conduct vacation Bible schools.

Next year the first group of young pastors will receive their certificates.

And these folk have become real brothers and sisters to us.

Our Purpose
Zoar Church is a congregation of Christian believers committed to demonstrating God's love to each other and to all whom God's brings across our paths. In our worship of and service to God, we are intentional and flexibile, remembering God's command to "Love the stranger as we love ourselves."
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